What is the Meaning of a Dragon Tattoo?

The reason why dragons have retained such a strong following in tattoo fans is that they can symbolize many things. Some people might associate them with courage, physical strength, and raw power. In many countries, warriors wore dragons on their armor or painted them on flags. Today, people can also see dragons as a protective or even spiritual symbol, guarding the wearer against harm. A lot of men take the dragon to represent themselves; they are the fierce protector of their loved ones. Another meaning of the dragon tattoo is the Chinese zodiac sign. If you are born in the year of the dragon, you are likely to be an ambitious natural leader who’s not afraid of a challenge and plays by your own rules. For that reason, you might choose to get a dragon tattoo to represent your personality artistically.

What Is The Meaning Of A Dragon Tattoo

Classic Dragon Tattoo

The classic dragon tattoo has everything: scales, claws, wings, and fire! This dramatic inking looks great when done in color or black ink. So if you’re looking for a statement piece, why not try it out? Make sure your artist adds lots of life and movement when creating the design. That’s because best dragon tattoos look like they could come to life at any moment. You can have this inking placed anywhere on your body, but popular choices for men are the bicep, back, and chest. While this type of tattoo can be intimidating, you can easily cover these places with a shirt. However, you can admire your art at home whenever you look in the mirror.

Japanese Dragon Tattoo

In Japan, dragons are considered to be kind and protective. They help to watch over humanity. Traditionally, there are six dragons in Japanese culture: Sui, Han, Ri, Ka, Fuku, and Hai. Each one has different qualities and powers. The color of the dragon is also essential in Japanese tattooing; for example, black dragons represent wisdom, while green dragons are associated with nature. For an authentic Japanese dragon tattoo, try the irezumi style, which is very colorful and ornate. Otherwise, a more minimal Japanese dragon could fit better with your style.

Chinese Dragon Tattoo 

In Chinese culture, the dragon is a lucky symbol. Unlike in Western traditions, they’re associated with water – storms, seas, the river, and lakes. They are also a symbol of nobility and associated with emperors. The Chinese dragon art style is fluid, like water. The dragon itself will have a long, thin body similar to that of a snake, and fish-like scales. While these dragons don’t have wings, they do have crests and curls that look like waves or steam. For these reasons, the Chinese dragon looks excellent when inked to wrap around a curved part of your body, like your forearm. It’s a cool and detailed tattoo choice that you’ll never get tired of seeing.

Dragon Ball Tattoo 

All the ’90s kids out there will remember the Dragon Ball Z cartoon. The anime series was a favorite for its action scenes and cool mythology, as well as iconic characters like Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and Trunks. In the show, collecting all seven of the mysterious crystal dragon balls will bring an Eternal Dragon to you and grant your wish. If you were a fan of the show or the original manga series, you could show it with a dragon ball tattoo. It’s a subtle tattoo option that only other fans will understand. The vibrant orange and red color of the dragon ball also looks great if you have fair skin.

Dragon Sleeve Tattoo

The full sleeve tattoo runs from your shoulder to your wrist. It can even extend onto your chest. One of the most eye-catching types of tattoos, the sleeve is all about showing off bold and detailed ink. Because a sleeve tattoo generally takes several long sessions, taking weeks or months to complete, it’s a choice for hardcore tattoo lovers. Dragon tattoos are a perfect choice for a sleeve because you have so much space. The organic shapes in Japanese and Chinese-inspired dragon designs will follow the curve of your muscles. Otherwise, a fiery dragon or collection of smaller dragon tattoos could make up your sleeve.

Dragon Back Tattoo 

The back is one of the most popular placements for a dragon tattoo. That’s because it’s one of the largest and smoothest areas on your body. When you have a large, detailed piece of body art in mind – like a dragon breathing fire – your back is the perfect place to show it off. People with back tattoos tend to be confident and self-assured. They know their ink speaks for itself – they don’t need to see it every day. The best part about this dragon tattoo is that you can keep your ink hidden just by wearing a shirt. However, when you take it off, you’ll leave people speechless!