There are several reasons and meanings behind star tattoos. Sometimes they symbolize one’s hope of becoming a star or one’s goals and determination to reach for the stars. There are also certain types of star tattoo designs that have specific meanings attached to them. Think through the symbolism and the design with your tattoo artist. Usually, they can take your idea and turn it into something even better.

Common Meanings Associated With Star Tattoos

  • Hope
  • Ambition
  • Finding one’s way
  • Stardom
  • A desire to achieve high goals
  • Success or accomplishment
  • A bright and shining point in your life
  • An interest in astronomy
  • A challenge to conquer
  • Religious faith (see below)
  • Transformation
  • You are a fisherman or sailor
  • The Navy Seal or Coast Guard
  • Individuality or uniqueness
  • The birth of a child

Of course, like with any other tattoo, stars don’t have to have a particular meaning—they can just be a pretty design.